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JVNRSS - Japan Vulnerability Notes RDF Site Summary


This document provides information for the JVNRSS XML format.

In order to gather the information and perform the relationship between the gathered information, it is necessary to improve the method of the security information sharing. If the security information is machine readable, many Internet sites can reduce the cost of information gathering. Our security information sharing proposes the XML formats as to approach solving these problems. JVNRSS is the overview XML format based on RSS with mod_sec (http://jvnrss.ise.chuo-u.ac.jp/jtg/mod_sec/) and VULDEF (http://jvnrss.ise.chuo-u.ac.jp/jtg/vuldef/) is the detail XML format.

The classification of JVNRSS and VULDEF


The members of JVNRSS Feasibility Study Team:

Masato Terada (IPA, JPCERT/CC)
JVN Working Group (JPCERT/CC, IPA)


Latest Version: V2.1 2009-04-28
V2.1 2009-04-28
Publish JVNRSS specification and XML schema on jvndb.jvn.jp.
V2.0 2009-03-09
V2.0 imports mod_sec module and supports XML Schema file (jvnrss_2.0.xsd).
V1.0 2005-09-09
V1.0alpha 2003-07-15
http://jvn.doi.ics.keio.ac.jp/rss/index.html (in Japanese)


Comments should be directed to the JVN Working Group.


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