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Qualified Security Advisory Reference (mod_sec)


This document describes RSS Extension of security information distribution, and definition of the tags for RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom.


The members of JVNRSS Feasibility Study Team:

Masato Terada (IPA, JPCERT/CC)
JVN Working Group (JPCERT/CC, IPA)


Latest Version
V1.0 2008-05-19
http://jvnrss.ise.chuo-u.ac.jp/jtg/mod_sec/1.0/ (in Japanese)
New tags added: <sec:cpe-item>
V1.0beta 2007-06-30
http://jvnrss.ise.chuo-u.ac.jp/jtg/mod_sec/1.0b/ (in Japanese)
New tags added: <sec:category>, <sec:cvss>, <sec:hierarchy>
V1.0alpha 2005-10-31



Comments should be directed to the JVN Working Group.


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This copyright applies to the mod_sec Specification and accompanying documentation and does not extend to the mod_sec format itself.