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Load JVNRSS Feed
Load Atom with mod_sec Feed

JVNRSS XSL_swf Flash Viewer: jvnrssbox (Ver1.0) includes ...
File NameDescription
index.{ja|en}.htmlLoad jvnrssbox_{rdf|atom}.js
jvnrssbox_{rdf|atom}.jsLoad jvnrssbox.swf
jvnrssbox.swfJVNRSS (JVNRSS, RSS 1.0 and Atom) Viewer Body
default.rdfSample file of JVNRSS
default.atomSamfile file of Atom + mod_sec
signal_{rdf|atom}.xslSample files of XSL for XSL_swf
Parameter of Demonstration Example jvnrssbox.swf is ...
Load JVNRSS Feed: "jvnrssbox.swf?fn=default.rdf"
Load Atom with mod_sec Feed : "jvnrssbox.swf?fn=default.atom"
?fn=default.{rdf|atom}Feed file loaded by this viewer. If a fn parameter has not been found, load the default.rdf.

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